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Preparing Problem Solvers for the Competitive Future

Recent Updates

  • Leap Ahead Fall Session 2022 commenced - Space available in some classes.

  • Leap Ahead students achieve rankings & honors in Math competitions

  • Our highly impactful, critical thinking based ELA classes starts after Labor Day

  • New to our program? See Program Overview or Contact Us for details

Why Leap Ahead?

Founded 5 years ago by engineer dad of 3 kids in local public schools, Leap Ahead provides comprehensive coverage of common core math & ELA concepts at & above grade level. Unlike other programs that provide work-at-home repetitive drills, our weekly, instructor led classes include classwork and homework exercises with captivating strategy based problem solving concepts taught from a very young age. Over time, helps stimulates critical thinking, develops reading comprehension and conveys a purpose for how math can be applied. As a result, our students develop tremendous interest in academics, retain learnings, often qualify for advanced math track and stay on the path towards a S.T.E.M. future.

  • Our unique, problem solving focussed program helps kids at all levels of Math competency.

  • Bright, under-challenged kids are provided opportunities to aim & achieve higher and build a track record of accomplishments.

  • Playing catchup? Repetitive learning can be tiresome. Students find our approach refreshing & motivating. Helps develop a love for Math.

  • Critical thinking based ELA program covers all aspects of English Language learning - Grammar, reading comprehension, writing & vocabulary.

  • Fully online, live classes led my instructors highly experienced in interactive teaching using all tools offered by Zoom (recorded for replay)

  • Online homework submission & correction portal provides interactions/conversations for full circle learning from mistakes

  • "Genius Hour" - regular problem solving & mentoring sessions with top ranking Math achievers from Middle & High Schools

  • Personalized guidance on preparing for Gifted track, middle school math pathways, high school courses & electives and building a solid college application resume from a young age

How Does it Work?

  • Year-round, weekly, Instructor-led , fully online classes via zoom for Grades 1 to 9 students with appropriate levels

  • Our expert instructors are experienced math coaches - ranging from credentialed teachers to Ph.D.s.

  • Comprehensive Coverage of Math Concepts at & above Grade Level without repetitive drills

  • Our courses cover concepts & application problem-solving based on Pre-Algebra, Algebra & Geometry topics

  • Mental Math, Speed Math, Algebraic Thinking & Strategy-based Word Problem Solving from a Young Age

  • Captivating Application Problems - Develops Reading Comprehension and Critical Thinking Skills

  • Learning to Apply Skills & Concepts - Conveys Purpose and Develops Love for Math

  • Optional Participation in International Math Competitions - Exposure, Practice & Build Confidence

  • Official Testing Center for Math Kangaroo, Math Olympiad (MOEMS) and Continental Math League (CML) Competitions

  • We provide coaching for AMC 8, MathCounts, Berkeley Math Test (BmT), Math League & more

  • Our Students regularly qualify for GATE, Advanced Math Pathway, School Math Teams & More

  • Volunteering and student work opportunities for our graduate High-schoolers as teaching assistant / homework grading etc

Learn More

Email: info@leapaheadacademics.com Phone: (650) 303 8291