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Overview & Registration

Due to the pandemic, international math contests are offered online this year, open to all participants. Students are invited to take advantage of this opportunity and gain experience.

Leap Ahead Academics is an official testing center for Math Olympiad, Continental Math League (CML) & Math Kangaroo contests.

Math Olympiad & CML contest registrations close mid-October. First come, first serve. Self-learning tips will be provided for all participants. We also offer additional low cost options to watch our recorded videos & work on exercises.

Math Kangaroo registration is now in progress (see below). Our live classes will be offered in February.

See schedule, sample test papers, awards & other details below. Click on Register button to the right, if interested in contests or learning options.

Math Olympiad (MOEMS) - Grades 4 to 8

Contest Dates: November - March (monthly)Registration: till OctoberGrades: 5 to 8 (at our location)

Math Olympiad for Elementary & Middle Schools (MOEMS) is oriented towards strategy based problem solving which enables students to learn advanced concepts with a simplified approach.

Continental Math League (CML) - Grades 3 & 4

Motivates students to become better problem-solvers in multiple disciplines through national level participation and recognition - In its 35th year

Contest Dates: November - March (monthly)Registration: till OctoberGrades: 3 & 4 (at our location)

Math Kangaroo - Grades 1 to 8

Contest Date: Mid March (once a year)Registration: October - DecemberGrades: 2 to High School

Math Kangaroo is an international competition offered in dozens of countries around the world. In US over 30.000 students participate every year.

  • Each student receives a t-shirt, a certificate of participation, and a gift in addition to a competition booklet and a pencil on the test day.

  • Competition questions are age appropriate, interesting, challenging & stimulates critical thinking

  • Online testing open to all - Register directly on Math Kangaroo Website

  • Limited in-person, social distanced, space availability in our Foster City, CA location. Register above.

  • Sample Test Papers Grade 1 & 2 Grade 3 & 4 Grade 5 & 6 Grade 7 & 8

  • Sample Class Video